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Hoover LINX Cordless Stick Vacuum Review

Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum Image

Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum is unlike any other vacuum you find in your friend’s house. It is indeed a new technological advancement that shows and offers greater advantage to people. Who knows that a Hoover Linx Vacuum Cleaner is like a cellular phone that relies on the battery’s power? Do you think it is more convenient? Definitely, it is because you will not be stressed in bringing it in any kind of place you want. It does not need a socket, it needs a charger. It does not need a plug, it needs a battery.

Features of Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum

Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum has features like any other product sell in the market. However, its features are indeed amazing and more vivid than any other. What the product has been telling about is true. There is no need of pretending. Genuine features make it more reliable and encouraging. What are its features?

  1. It has a cordless and bag less stick vacuum cleaner using Wind Tunnel Technology.
  2. It has an interchangeable 18-volt Lithium Ion battery for fade-free power. It has even an automatic height adjustment.
  3. It has motorized power brush that turns off with a flip of a switch for bare-floor cleaning having an 11-inch-wide nozzle.
  4. It has edge-cleaning bristles, low-profile base, battery-fuel gauge, and Energy Star battery charger comprised upon purchasing of the product.
  5. It is measured about 11 by 8 by 42 inches with 2-year limited vacuum warranty and 2-year limited battery or charger warranty.

Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum Reviews: What good and bad about it?

Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum has undergone so many critics and tests from the consumers who tend to purchase it and explore its worth. Effectively, Hoover Linx Stick Vacuum gets the ratings it deserved from the consumers they have astonished. They have 4.3 out of 5 star ratings in Amazon. It is great indeed because they passed all the preference and quality testing by them. There is no doubt that this product is one of the best selling vacuum cleaners in the market. Not only that, it is well recommended by different consumers. They tend to post reviews and blogs all over the net, and they began to spread excellent rumors to their friends. They are amazed not only because of its features, but also the good things it brings to the people. What are those?

  1. It is a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner that enables you to clean everything continuously without any fear of plug detachment or short circuit.
  2. A Hoover Stick Vacuum permits you to slide off under the furniture and even promotes long range of cleaning even if you are just standing at one point.
  3. It possesses a broad open mouth that can suction dirt as much as possible in a small span of time and it tends to automatically adjust itself to the height of the carpet you are cleaning. You can simply switch off the power brush if you wanted to clean from the carpet to the floor.
  4. It has extra bristles that clean up thoroughly the baseboard of any furniture that cannot be reached by any normal vacuum cleaner.
  5. Moreover, these bristles surely wipe out all the dusts and mess that has in been in your carpet and cloth materials.
  6. It has a battery that does not deteriorate directly. Other chargeable vacuum cleaner functioned according to the amount of power the battery has. It is not true with this kind of equipment because it works consistently until it is drained.
  7. Its handle is easy to handle and its base is designed for standing. Leaning it on the wall is unnecessary. Its dust cup and other parts are easy to clean and manipulate.

Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum is not that perfect at all. It has flaws that definitely seen by the consumers and still stated in their reviews. However, these disadvantages may affect the purchasing of the product but it does not affect the quality of cleaning it may offers as what most of the consumers stated. What are those bad things they have seen?

  1. It is expensive equipment. However, consumers said it is worth every single penny.
  2. Its battery life is until 15 minutes. You need to charge it again. However, based on other consumers, 15 minutes with continuous high power service is indeed great and you can clean up more areas in that specified time.

Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum vs. Electrolux ErgoRapido

In the world of business, many products shows off all the persuading features and amazing advantages for the consumers to buy like Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum and Electrolux ErgoRapido. Both of them are well-known in the market because they offer greats services to the people. However, in every product, one has always an edge of it.

Electrolux ErgoRapido is a cordless vacuum cleaner too. However, some consumers had great complaints about this. The equipment must have a bigger head to accumulate larger space to save more time and effort. Moreover, they complained that the suction capacity is not that excellent leading to more work and time spent. Will you still risk your money for this? If you are smarter and wiser, you will go with Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum.

User Experiences With Hoover LINX Stick Vacuum

From: Sprinkle W.

I purchased this vacuum cleaner, and it works in numerous ways. You do not have to worry about the power cords falling over or plugging and unplugging. This vacuum cleaner does a good job on my hardwood floors and sucks all the dust away. This also works great on carpets. I do plan to buy some extra battery so that it will be ready all the time. On the other hand, you do not have to if you are willing to wait 3 hours for the vacuum cleaner to get recharged.

From: Beach D.

This vacuum cleaner exceeded my expectations.  It is better on hardwood floors compared to my Dyson. On carpets, it is almost the same. I was able to vacuum 2 large hardwood-floor rooms, and 3 carpeted rooms in one charge. The suction is great. It is very lightweight, easy to use, and easy to switch the beater on and off. Overall, I am happy with this vacuum cleaner.

From: White N.

This is the best cordless vacuum I have ever used with no exception. It is very lighweight and easy to carry than my Dirt Devil vacuum. This picks up almost all kinds of dirt – cat litter, cat food, hair, fur, popcorn, sand, and so on. There are no problems with this vacuum, and the canister is very easy to remove. You can switch off the brushes using the fingertip switch and works great on hardwood and tiles.

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Dyson DC35 Review

Dyson DC35 Customer Satisfaction

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Due to the advancement of technology, several cleaning machines have been developed to provide people with more convenience and efficiency during cleaning. One of the most advanced cleaning units today is the Dyson DC35. This multi-floor vacuum cleaner measures 44.1 x 11.8 x 9.1 inches and weighs 4.9 pounds. This is actually one of the best selling products of Dyson, and has received myriads of positive customer remarks because of its features, portability and performance.

The Dyson digital slim vacuum is ideal for all floor types. With its slim and light weight design, you can easily carry it to any room in the house that needs a thorough cleaning. Apart from that, this cleaning unit also offers an ease of use, so operating it is certainly not a problem. Moreover, this vacuum is cordless, which is great because you can quickly take it to clean crumbs in the kitchen after every meal.

Since it is a cordless unit, this vacuum is not being powered by electricity. This vacuum uses Li ion battery to properly function. You can just remove the battery when the unit is not use. Besides, this battery is easy to replace so you will have no problems to worry about. Plus, it helps you save more money because you consume less energy.

Though it has a lightweight design, this multi-floor vacuum ensures a superior cleaning performance, just like big vacuum cleaners do. With its powerful digital motor, you can thoroughly clean every room, leaving your entire house totally clean. It is also very versatile– you can use it to clean your car mats and seats – isn’t it great?

The Dyson DC35 vacuum can accommodate up to 0.09 gallons of dirt without affecting its cleaning performance. Moreover, it features a motorized head which works really well to clean carpets and hard wood floors. Added to that, the crevice tools further maximize its cleaning performance. These tools are great for cleaning above-floor areas and removing dirt and dust from tight spaces.

What are the Pros and Cons?

The Pros:

  1. Portable, easy to carry from one room to another
  2. Very easy to operate
  3. Well-constructed
  4. Delivers great suction power

The Cons:

  1. Included cord is short
  2. Does not stand in an upright position
  3. Is a bit expensive

Great portable vacuum to almost replace your real vacuum!

I’ve had this vacuum (Australian model) for a couple of months now, and I am very happy. I definitely recommend it. It is so good, it will probably replace using the larger Dyson DC 08 we have, or at least reduce the amount of times we have to pull it out.  – comment from Azza

Dyson DC35 is such a great vacuum cleaner. But, before you hurry to purchase any kind of vacuum, make sure to consider some important things, like quality, features, durability, performance and price. This will greatly help you with your buying decision. If you want to shop wisely, you should purchase this unit online. You may also visit Amazon, which is one of the biggest and most reliable online stores today. So go online and visit now!

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Eureka 96 B Vacuum

Eureka 96 B Vacuum Rating

Average Customer Rating

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Do not let your put your power cord to its limits with your cleaning. The Eureka 96 B Vacuum has lots of suctioning and is so versatile that it can be use anytime and on any kind of flooring. This is especially designed to pick up any and all messes on your floor and your carpet. This vacuum weighs less than five pounds, making it easy to push, lift and store. This vacuum has its own wall-mount rack that is connected to the charging plug. It will give you a more comfortable vacuuming experience because the handle is fully extended. The motor-driven brush roll will sweep away dirt and dust on your carpet, requiring you to wait a few minutes before assembling the unit.

Other features of the Eureka 96 B Vacuum include: a powerful removable five-cell battery pack, a charge light so you can determine if the vacuum is full, a bare floors/carpet switch, a built-in Edge Kleener for cleaning walls and furniture, and a motor filter that can be found inside the dust cup.

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The pros and cons of this vacuum are listed below.


  • This is the solution for your everyday, light household cleaning needs.
  • It provides efficient and effective cleaning.
  • It has an efficient motor that is not found on some vacuum cleaners.
  • It is a vacuum cleaner that will never leave you behind.
  • Quiet, for a vacuum cleaner.


  • It should be used for light cleaning only.
  • It should be well maintained to avoid breakage.

This vacuum has improved my life.

- says Debra H. from Amazon

The Eureka 96 B Vacuum is now available for purchase for your everyday household cleaning needs. Leave nothing behind but cleanliness and fresh air. If you want to purchase a product that is a great value for your money, then this is the best one for you. Find out more on through this link. You can also visit the Eureka website here.

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